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Internet Links!

Personal/Informative Web Pages:
{pages set up by people about Vermicomposting- like our page!}

*Worm Woman's Web Site Web site of Mary Appelhof and Flowerfield Enterprises!
*Worm Digest Magazine Online Now, is this cool or what? The great Worm Digest's online!
*Global Vermiculture AssociationAn organization which promotes all uses/fields of vermicomposting
*W.illies O.rganic R.ecycle M.achine S.ystems Page Great site with a chat room!
*US Worms Mr.Ken's page- basically everything you'd ever want to know about vermicomposting and much more!
*The Compost Resource Page Great page with links, forums, advise, info- everything
*Worm World Inc. With lots of good info about vermicomposting
*Worm Composting Cute page with lots of history and helpful hints.
*Worm Your Way into CompostingEverything you need to know about starting a Worm Bin
*Worm Away your Cafeteria Food ScrapsEven more than you need to know to set up a bin, including using one in cafeterias!
*Article on Vermicomposting Effectiveness of vermicompsting
*City Farmer's Urban Agricultural Notes Includes much about agriculture, composting and worm farming.
*Suza's Farm A wonderful gardenning page with a real worm success story
*WORM Publication Reports news of the Vermicomposting industry

Forums/Message Boards:
{where you can come and post about vermicomposting and read others' q's and a's!}

*US Worms Vermiculture Forum Lots of nice people!
*General Vermicomposting Forum Ask questions and answer some!
*List of several other Vermicomposting Forums Forums on Large-Scale, Bins, and Education
*Worms 'V' Oz For questions/advise on Vermicomposting

Commercial/Worm Farm Web Pages:
{where you can learn about large-scale vermicomposting and order many different products!}

*The "Wigglin' N" Info, Books, Products, everything!
*Worm World Homepage Located in PA. Good products and even consultation.
*Happy D Ranch Worm Farm Located in CA. Very nice page(cute graphics, too)
*The Squirmy Wormz Farm Great page with info and prices. Located in Australia.
*Worms 'V' Oz Tons of links! Has its own forum, too!
*The Can-O-Worms Plastic Vermicomposting containers and Educational Materials
*Ecoway The Can-O-Worms and info about vermicomposting and red worms
*Beaver River Located in Rhode Island. Site has lots of Info about vermicomposting!
*Progressive Organic Solutions Suppliers of castings, bins and worms. Located in CA
*Oasis Worms Farm Wholesaler of worms and casitings. Located in Southern CA
*J &C's Dairy WormsBuy worms retail or wholesale... page has a cute worm graphic :-)
*Dakota Blue Worm Farm Sells red wigglers for fishing and composting. Located in GA
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