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Alright, let's start by saying that I'm a 19-year old senior in high school(kinda old for a senior...) I'm a relatively simple person to get to know. I like normal stuff, like musicals and movies and TV. Like all other female species on earth, I loved "Titanic" and own a Leo scrap book. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic, like most people, I think. Not like a lot of 'em, though, I admit it willingly. My goal in life is to make enough money to own a quaint little farm in Vermont or Washington and raise horses. If anybody I know(other than my close friends)is reading this, they'd probably be quite surprised at this romantic-farm-horse stuff because I'm usually very, very down-to-earth. I go through my days, fulfilling my dutiful duties and portray a "good" girl image. One unique thing people at school actually know about is this science fair thing with WORMS... ooooo.... (chuckle) I don't think there is a single teacher in the science department who actually knows what our experiment is about. Is that not sad? Well, I'll eventually think of interesting things to write about.
Hmmm. Let's see... I've been accepted to a couple of colleges. I still don't know which college I really want to go to. I don't really know what I'm going to do with myself once I get there. I don't know how much money the government is going to contribute to my crucial college education. To sound less cynical, I'd like to end on a positive note, but I can't think of much right now. Kate's got some interesting things to say about herself, though. (Read below :D)


Hi. I'm Kate. I'm a senior in high school, a soon-to-be Hokie, a writer, and a dreamer. When I'm not volunteering, working in a worm bin up to my elbows, writing soon-to-be award winning novels(don't I wish!), surfing the net, or hanging with friends you can find me curled up in my bed. Which, of course, is for about two hours every week if I'm lucky.
I suppose I should also mention the fact that I'm a true and dedicated fan of the wonderful television show Highlander: the series. In fact, I have another web page set up about that and my deep but truly great interest in Scotland(and the Celtic cultures). Visit: Kate's Kintail

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