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Effectiveness of Bio-Activators and Chemicals on the Process of Vermicomposting


This experiment was designed to determine which of the eight selected bio-activators and chemicals could effectively assist in the process of vermicomposting. The overall practical application of this experiment was to contribute in one of the developing solutions to current waste- management problems. Vermicomposting, using worms to decompose waste, is one of the more promising ways of reducing garbage. For this experiment, three squares of plain copy paper(10cm X 10cm) were placed in each vermicomposting unit wherein the bedding materials had been treated with one of the eight selected substances. The data used for the constant was extracted from last year's experiment, "Effectiveness of Vermicomposting on Various Household Materials," in which common paper and fabric products were tested to determine the rate of decomposition in a vermicomposting environment. The results of this year's experiments were as follows: "Super Hot" activator was the most effective in assisting vermicomposting, closely followed by rock dust(crushed glacial rock). The two concentrations of sugar did not speed up the process for the worms required time to adjust to the unusually high levels of sugar in the bins. Flour and "Brown Leaf" activator significantly extended the amount of time required to compost the material in untreated soil(the constant). As an extension to this project, we tested bedding souls and worm castings treated with each of the six substances on plants. Results seemed to correlate directly with those of the main experiments, though all plants did significantly better when grown using castings from chemically-treated bins rather than castings from the untreated one.


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